Marketing Track

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Innovative marketing strategies are imperative to build successful businesses in today's evolving marketplace. The current economic environment faces many challenges, including changing consumption patterns, increasing competition, shifting media platforms, transforming trends in the digital age, and sociocultural issues. As a result, business firms and government entities require their products and services to be deeply linked to communication and social changes.

The Marketing track aims to equip students with state-of-the-art marketing knowledge and nurture them to become competitive and ethical marketing managers in the global marketplace. The Marketing track is committed to student professionalization by allowing students to familiarize themselves with current practices. Furthermore, the Marketing track brings together its community to examine crucial topics such as sustainability and marketing analytics.

Students will emerge as high-performers, capable of broad insight into the social and technological changes that impact marketing and business. Students will be able to analyze business strategies and marketing issues and develop strategic and rigorous marketing approaches by deploying specialized methodologies to address critical problems.

The track covers marketing topics crucial for our student’s future careers. Students will improve their decision-making skills as they learn to use data to identify new market segments, establish distinctive brand positioning, manage brand strategies, and develop efficient marketing, among other skills.

There are abundant and rewarding opportunities for Marketing experts. This track offers several career paths in business organizations, agencies, or public entities.